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BLANKET Technology from UV-PLUS The very best blanket for extremely sharp dot reproduction on high-quality sheet-fed offset presses.. CONTI-AIR® CRYSTAL CONTI-AIR® PRESTIGE
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CONTI-AIR® ENTROPIA  CONTI-AIR® FSR Tough all-purpose blankets for sheet-fed offset as well as heatset and coldset applications.. UNIWASH
Rubber Roller best Quality. Give it a try! Lô Cao su chất lượng tốt nhất. Hảy thử dùng xem!
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UNIWASH PR2039MY Vinatam, for Printing and Packaging needs DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT: UNIWASH is a water-miscible rubber blanket and roller cleaner formulated for use in web-fed and sheet-fed offset lithography printing presses. UNIWASH is an economical ink cleaner containing small amounts of aromatic hydrocarbons. Cleaning power and the cost of use were primary consideration in its formulation. UNIWASH is a CFC-free product. It can be used as a saferreplacement for traditional ink cleaners like kerosene, thinner, chlorinated hydrocarbons etc. KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS: > Miscible with water. Forms an emulsion with water of upto 50% water content. > Conditions blankets and rollers without causing swelling, distortion or de-lamination > Effectively removes all ink, gum paper coating, paper pile and other deposits from the offset blankets and rollers, keeping them tack-free and retaining a matt surface. > Fast drying. Flash point of 42degree C. > Economical, low cost. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Roller Wash As a roller wash, use at full strength. Blanket Wash As a blanket wash, dilute up to 1:1 with water or use without dilution to remove difficult residues. Rinse off thoroughly with water as a final step. It is not recommended to keep the water diluted cleaner overnight as the cleaning power would be drastically reduced. Wear protective gloves and goggles if necessary. Use of a protective barrier cream will help to prevent skin discomfort and development of dermatitis on prolong and frequent contact. The product will perform effectively and safely only if used in accordance with the above instructions. TYPICAL PHYSCIAL PROPERTIES: Appearance: Clear colourless liquid with hydrocarbon smell Boiling point range: 150 – 200 degree C Specific Gravity: 0.775 – 0.795 g/ml @25 degree C Volatile contents: Approximately 99% w/w Solubility in water: Miscible Viscosity: Approx. 1.25 cSt @ 20 degree C Flash point: 42 degree C Tag Closed Cup ASTM D56. OTHER INFORMATION: Flammable liquid. Keep container closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated place away form incompatible materials (refer to the Chemical Safety Data Sheet). Never store near open flame, sources of heat or ignition.